About me

Grants, funding and awards

My research has been underpinned by external funding. Since 2008 I have received nearly £300,000 through various grants and fellowships, including €179,325.60 from the European Commission and £70,000 from the AHRC for various initiatives. This includes, among other awards:

Carla Musterd award for outstanding contribution to teaching (2022)

Dutch University Teaching Qualification (Basis Kwalificatie Onderwijs, BKO, 2020)

EU Jean Monnet Module grant for project ‘From Multi- to Inter-disciplinary: The EU and the World’ (€30,000, 2019)

Jean Monnet EUCE Summer Research Scholar Program Grant, European Studies Centre, University of Pittsburgh ($3500, 2018)

EU Marie Skłodowska-Curie Individual Fellow (€179,325.60, 2016-17), University of Turku 

Nomination for Reading’s ‘Gold Star Teaching Award’ recognising teaching excellence in the Faculty of Arts and Humanities (2012 and 2015)

AHRC network grant (£1,802.42); University of Reading Graduate School (£500); Royal Historical Society conference grant (£200) for Sixth HEIRS conference (total £2502.42)

British Academy overseas research grant (£500), AHRC travel grant (£3,177)

AHRC doctoral grant (£60,000)

Conference attendance/organisation (selection)

Invited speaker, ‘Britain, EFTA and the Cold War’ Department of History, Humboldt University Berlin (2023)

Invited speaker, ‘Going against the tide? Sceptical views and alternative visions of European integration’, German Historical Institute London (2022)

‘Yugoslavia, Western Europe and the European Free Trade Association’, Cold War Research Network (2020)

Invited speaker (online), ‘Key moments in European integration – an historical overview’, University of Amsterdam (2020)

Invited keynote (online), EFTA’s 60th anniversary conference, Geneva (2020)

‘How Britain (didn’t) influence(d) EU foreign policy’, Holland House (2019)

‘Brexit: How did we end up here?’, Food for Thought seminar, Leiden Institute of Political Science (2019)

‘The success and limits of sub-regionalism: The Nordic states and the European Free Trade Association (EFTA)’, University of Luxembourg (2019)

‘Britain and the EU: A complicated relationship’, Leids Europafestiva (2019)

‘The Labour Party and the FTA/EFTA debate in the 1950s’, The Place of the International in British Politics since 1918, Queen Mary University of London (2017)

Organiser, ‘Competing Visions: European Integration beyond the EC/EU’, Helsinki University (2017)

‘Peace through trade liberalisation: EFTA as a cold war actor’, New Diplomatic History conference, University of Copenhagen (2016)

Organiser, Diplomacy Series with keynotes by UK and French ambassadors to Finland (2016)

‘The Labour Party and European integration 1955-60’, University of Helsinki (2016)

‘Awkward partners? Labour’s European policy from the 1960s-today’, Shaping the Labour Party’ conference, Bangor University, Wales (2015)

Coordinator, European Integration History Seminar research series, Reading University (2011-13)

‘Joining Europe? Britain, Scandinavia and the EC’s first enlargement’, International Institute for Social History, Amsterdam (2010)

Organiser, ‘European integration and the Cold War, 1945-1989’ conference, Reading University (2010)

Coordinator, International Network of European Social Democracy (2009-13)


I conducted my doctoral research under the supervision by Dr Linda Risso, Jean Monnet Professor Thorsten Borring Olesen and Professor Matthew Worley.