I am a research-led teacher and a reflective practitioner committed to delivering the highest possible standard of education to all the students I teach.

I have extensive teaching experience at undergraduate and postgradute level, having created and contributed to seminar, lecture and team-taught modules and dissertation supervision.

My teaching philosophy is that students of all abilities should feel confident presenting their ideas on a given topic in a friendly and supportive learning environment. I try to create such an atmosphere by being approachable and relaxed in my interaction with students. Student assessments of my teaching regularly cite these qualities, together with my self-deprecating sense of humour, as reasons why they enjoy both my lectures and seminar discussions with me.

Examples of modules I’ve taught include:

  • an MA optional  module entitled Britain and European integration (click here for handbook)
  • a finalist seminar on the Labour party after 1945 (handbook)
  • a second year undergraduate seminar focused on British foreign policy after 1918 (handbook)
  • A fresher module on Britain in the 1960s (handbook)